The Path to Increase Leanness, Fitness & Pain-Free Living!

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Hey Unstoppable!

If you have made it this far, then you have made a very smart decision to see if you qualify for a unique opportunity.

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About The Program

About The Program

  • A world that optimizes your metabolism and delivers you faster results in weeks than most experience in a month.
  • A world of people who support and hold each other accountable.
  • A world where people experience tangible results and lifelong healthy habits.
  • A world where people of all ages can and do easily lose up to 50+ POUNDS of Belly Fat WITHOUT EXTREME Cardio or Restrictive Meal
  • Plans, all while working out at your favorite gym or at home, provided you have a few pieces of equipment, and you will do it without injury and causing pain associated with "No Pain No Gain" and the popular "HIIT or High Intensity" workouts.
A Word from Scott

A Word from Scott

We realize that people want to look great and to know they are getting the most out of their time and effort. Simply put, if you want a great fitness program that is more than big deadlifts and a lot of cardio, you might be ready for our brand of fitness.

In short, you want to be active in mind AND body.

Today Is Your Opportunity To Take Back Control Of Your Life And Do Something Special For Yourself

The #1 gift you can give to yourself is that of health AND wellness.

Without your health, you have NOTHING.

I invite you to explore my website and read my story.

I am available for limited personal training appointments and online consultations on both training and nutrition.

Join me on this fabulous fitness journey.

Scott Lofquist NASM Master Trainer, NASM CPT/CES/PES, CrossFit Certified Trainer (Level III), Precision Nutrition Level I, RKC

Scott Lofquist


Throughout my personal training and coaching journey, I have been honored to work with hundreds of people, but as of March 2020, I sold my gym and entered semi-retirement.

Since then, I have been committed to helping people not only lean and fit but as healthy as possible.

So, I shifted my focus from coaching CrossFit and competitive weightlifters to, SPECIFICALLY, OLDER PEOPLE, but really all people ready to get that body back from their 20s or maybe achieve one they've never had.

Scott Lofquist


As this program is tailored for individual success, I have the privilege of working closely with a select number of motivated individuals. With limited availability, it's essential to act swiftly. Our membership is limited so seize the opportunity for personalized transformation and secure your spot today!



If you believe you must be blessed with great genes, are still in your 20s or 30s, do endless amounts of exercising… or think a magical pill, electronic abdominal machine, or diet will do the work for you… then you might as well click away right now. This is not for you.