Who Else Wants to Train, Look AND Feel Like a BadAss

How to get stronger, leaner, increase your energy levels, burn fat 24 hours a day and gain the long powerful muscle that will turn you into a lean dynamic athlete twice as fast as your current workout.

Dear Friend,

My name is Scott Lofquist and I have been in the fitness business for over 10 years and for the most part and athlete my entire life.  As most of you are aware there are countless workout programs out there and I have taught most of them.  From personal experience with hundreds of clients and myself personally I have discovered one main truth is that if you want results and want to look like an athlete you have to train like one.  However until recently there weren’t any programs for men and women who are no longer competing in varsity or professional sports but they still want to train, look and feel like an athlete. The options for people who never competed in organized sports were even more limited.

What we hear more often from people is that their current workout at their gym is no longer working or the boredom and repetition of elliptical machines and outdated split bodypart routines has caused them to get totally stale with no results or even worse kept them out of a fitness program altogether.

What we do know is that people want a program that makes them LOOK great and have the confidence and inner strength that you just can’t get training at a traditional gym.

So if any of that sounds like you we want to train you and be your gym–regardless of age, gender or physical condition.  If you’re willing to throw yourselves into the fire and overcome your barriers and limitations. If you are someone who says “why not?” instead of “I can’t,” then CrossFit I35 is the place for you.

We are here to support you in your journey toward your fitness goals, whether that means winning at the highest level, fitting into those skinny jeans or just being able to play with your kids without getting exhausted.

We’ve discovered, from our experience, that today’s women are our fiercest and most dedicated, hardcore athletes. Yesterday’s women sought out “soft” workouts, afraid of “bulking up” from extreme resistance work. This bulking up myth can’t be further from the truth, as all of the women who stick with our workouts end up leaner and more fit than from any other type of exercise or training they have ever tried.We also know that many of today’s men are looking for an alternative to going to a big box gym and doing the same routine of chest on Monday, back on Tuesday, etc., while all the while dreading a mind-numbing 30 to 60 minutes on the treadmill or elliptical.

We realize that men want to look great and to know they are getting the most out of their time and effort. Simply put, if you know that a great fitness program is more than big biceps, you might be ready for our brand of workout.

In short you want to be strong in mind AND body. You hate training at the traditional gyms with their crappy music along with being surrounded by halfhearted, unmotivated people talking away on their cell phones when they should be kicking ass & taking names during their workouts.

Well……Because we’ve had countless phone calls and e mails we decided it’s high time to get this party started. For those who want to get that edge back, both physically AND mentally, the doors are open and we’re ready to help you achieve your goals.

This Is Your Opportunity To Take Back Control Of Your Life And Do Something Special For Yourself

The #1 gift you can give to yourself is that of greater health. Without your health, you have NOTHING. Think about that for a moment…..

CrossFit I35 is a new gym that’s going to be MORE than just another workout, MORE than just training….. You’re becoming part of a community that believes in hard work, consistency and constant improvement and we’ll support you every step of the way.

At Xtreme Strength and Kettlebells you won’t find a treadmill, elliptical or any machine with a pin.  What you will find are kettlebells, barbells for Olympic and Power Lifting, Medicine balls, plyo boxes and of course tons of gymnastics rings, pullup bars and monkey bars.  Put them all together you will be physically prepared for any challenge that might confront you. In short your experience will totally change your perspective on training and even life itself.

If your goal is to:

  • Build Lean Muscle
  • Burn Fat Around the Clock, 24 – 7
  • Feel More Energetic…. No more feeling exhausted, lazy or unmotivated
  • Feel Stronger Both Physically AND Mentally
  • Build “Functional Strength” – Muscles that not only look strong but truly ARE strong
  • Have FUN & Train in a Supportive Environment with Like Minded People Who Motivate AND Inspire You to Improve Every Single Workout
  • Develop Confidence & The Mental Edge “Normal People” Wish They had
  • Burn Unwanted Belly Fat & Shrink Your Waistline

If any of the goals above sounds like YOU, then Xtreme Strength and Kettlebell is for you.

And don’t worry, if our class schedule isn’t ideal for you for you, we offer private and semi-private training that will focus specifically on your training and nutrition needs and schedule.

Our # 1 Focus is Always on Getting YOU Results Twice as Fast in Half the Time

Our Classes Will Be Capped At 15 People per trainer to Ensure You Get Top Notch Coaching AND Maximum Results in Minimal Time

If you are negative, full of excuses and suck the energy out of everyone around you this isn’t the gym for you.  I you are ready to step up your training and commit to being the best you can be in and out of the gym Xtreme Strength and Kettlebell is for you.

If You’re Ready To Change Your Life & Begin Training at CrossFit I35 Please call us at 913 800 8714 or write scottlofquist@gmail.com

Trial workouts are by appointment only based upon trainer availability.

Check out our website at http://strengthandkettlebell.com or write us at info@strengthandkettlebell.com



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