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Low Testosterone, Low Libido and Other Modern Men’s Issues

Last Friday night, I had the privilege to sit on a panel at Union Terminal in the Pickwick Buiding in downtown Kansas City. The moderator was the Executive Director of Union Terminal, Matt Rice, and in addition to myself, the panel included well-known KC Promoter Mark Valentine.

Big picture, we were a couple of 70s vintage guys discussing male issues and empowerment.

One of the themes was how the modern male experiences low testosterone, low libido, loss of muscle mass, low energy, flabby bellies, man breasts, and the most taboo subject of all erectile dysfunction.

After our discussion, I thought about all of the couples I have known personally and professionally who have experienced extreme difficulty conceiving a child, even after spending thousands, if not tens of thousands, on fertility treatments.

Then while taking a break and flipping through Youtube channels, I landed upon an interview with Erin Brockovich on the Mehdi Hasan show. Erin, portrayed by Julia Roberts in the movie named after her and released in 2000, has been tirelessly seeking damages for people harmed by environmental toxin exposure.