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Who Really Wants To Run?

Well, if you aren’t currently a “runner,” and by that, I mean someone who runs all the time and personally identifies themselves as a runner, the answer is probably a bit NO.

In reality, you might say running sucks or possibly go so far as to say, “Not today, Satan.”

If you’re one of those people, please bear with me and watch the video.

I’ve not run in almost ten years, and instead of boring you with my medical history, I’m going to jump to what we feel is the solution for many people.

For years I’ve been teaching people that if it hurts to move, they are probably looking at a lifetime of poor mechanics and movement patterns.

When I first heard of Air Runner treadmills, I, of course, immediately rejected it because we’ve always tried to tell people that treadmills were only for big box gyms and had no place in the CrossFit or functional gym environment.

But with further research, these self-powered treadmills are almost impossible to run or jog on without proper running mechanics. We’ve been able to take people with poor running technique, and within five minutes, they are running correctly.

In short, the better we move, the better if it feels to move, and ultimately, moving more often and faster will make us more fit and happy with our bodies and how they feel.

Not sure if it gets too much better than that.

Watch the video and let me know your thoughts.

Better yet, pick up the phone and schedule a visit at CrossFit I35, and we will do a complementary running and fitness assessment.


Scott Lofquist, CCFT, NASM, RKC